How can I stop the Research Pane from appearing in Microsoft Office, for example when I am holding Alt & click somewhere in an email in Outlook?

This is unintentional and typically happens when I am Alt-Tabbing between windows và causes a painful delay. Can this be switched off?

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After fighting with this myself for years, I found out the answer.

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From Word, press Alt-F11 to mở cửa the VB Editor.

Press Ctrl-G to mở cửa the Immediate Window.

Type this line và press Enter:

Application.CommandBars("Research").Enabled = FalseNote that nothing will seem khổng lồ happen, but you can go ahead và close the VB Editor and Word. The next time you xuất hiện Outlook, the feature should be disabled.



Unfortunately, the answer is "No, this can"t be switched off".

People have been wondering this for quite a while now (here"s some examples dating back to lượt thích 2007):

You"ll probably have khổng lồ rig up something kludgy to lớn trap the keys using AutoHotkey or AutoIt or alike.

Couple things you can try lớn live with it:

Remove all entries from the Research Options và ensure it"s not trying lớn access network-based research services (so at least it will mở cửa quickly).Leave the pane mở cửa all the time (just shrink it down a bit, or undock it & hide it someplace out of the way).

Not the answer you want I"m sure, but it"s the answer as far as I can find.

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answered Mar 30, 2011 at 21:18

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I was able lớn turn mine off by opening the Outlook options menu (File > Options). Then go down to lớn the Add-Ins sub-tab.

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Once in the Add-Ins menu, go lớn the bottom where it says, "Manage " và click on the Go button. Uncheck the box next khổng lồ "Business Connectivity Services Add-In", then click OK.

This should keep the research pane from opening.

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answered Jun 5, 2013 at 0:18
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You can also bởi vì this in Outlook via VBA. Office 2010 no longer lets you remove via most of these solutions.

Word, PowerPoint, and Excel allow you to use this easy solution.

Outlook requires more hassle as it uses both Explorers và Inspectors, which in different contexts both have this commandbar enabled. The solution is therefore two part.

Part one is setting up WithEvents to lớn handle creation of each new Inspector. Generally these are whenever you xuất hiện a message/event/etc, và they are created/destroyed each time. So even if you hit every current Inspector, your new ones will not have the commandbar disabled.

Put the following into ThisOutlookSession in your VBA editor (Alt+F11). Each new inspector (and explorer, too, though I"ve yet to lớn have an explorer created) will have its command bar disabled.

Public WithEvents colInspectors As Outlook.InspectorsPublic WithEvents objInspector As Outlook.InspectorPublic WithEvents colExplorers As Outlook.ExplorersPublic WithEvents objExplorer As Outlook.ExplorerPublic Sub Application_Startup() Init_colExplorersEvent Init_colInspectorsEventEnd SubPrivate Sub Init_colExplorersEvent() phối colExplorers = Outlook.ExplorersEnd SubPrivate Sub Init_colInspectorsEvent() "Initialize the inspectors events handler set colInspectors = Outlook.InspectorsEnd SubPrivate Sub colInspectors_NewInspector(ByVal NewInspector As Inspector) Debug.Print "new inspector" NewInspector.commandbars("Research").Enabled = False "This is the code that creates a new inspector with events activated set objInspector = NewInspectorEnd SubPrivate Sub colExplorers_NewExplorer(ByVal NewExplorer As Explorer) "I don"t believe this is required for explorers as I bởi not think Outlook "ever creates additional explorers... But who knows Debug.Print "new explorer" NewExplorer.commandbars("Research").Enabled = False "This is the code that creates a new inspector with events activated mix objExplorer = NewExplorerEnd SubHowever this only will get the thực đơn gone from some of the views in Outlook. You will still need lớn run the following macro khổng lồ remove it from all explorers. As best I can tell this is persistent when you close/reopen Outlook:

Private Sub removeOutlookResearchBar() "remove from main Outlook explorer Dim mExp As Explorer For Each mExp In Outlook.Explorers mExp.commandbars("Research").Enabled = False Next mExpEnd Sub