Real Madrid 3-1 Barcelona: headlines

- Bdaihiepkhach.vnzema, Valverde and Rodrygo goals earn Madrid victory

- Ferran Torres scored for Barcelona

- Madrid reclaim đứng đầu spot in LaLiga and mở cửa up three-point lead

- Barça drop back to second

- Blaugrana's first league defeat of the sedaihiepkhach.vnon

Modric so happy to lớn be at Madrid

Modric received a standing ovation he subbed off in the 78th minute and tweeted out after the game how beautiful it is to lớn be of Real Madrid.

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More on his love for the club & his thoughts after the game. "I want a Fede Valverde in my life!"

Former Real Madrid captain Iker, who thankfully seems have kept the hackers at bay this weekdaihiepkhach.vnd, seconded Toni Kroos' praise for goalscorer Fede Valverde, tweeting:"I want a


SOCCER is the next El Clásico Real Madrid vs Barcelona?

The ink is barely dry on the 250th Clásico, but if your gaze is already turning khổng lồ the 251st edition of the fixture,my colleague Fidel Rubio the lowdown on that will be.

Madrid's dressing-room celebrations

Real Madrid's social-media team have tweeted out some video footage of the players'arrival in the dressing room after putting Barcelona to the sword:

Laporta remonstrated with officials post-match - referee's report

It’s now emerging that Barcelona presiddaihiepkhach.vnt Joan Laporta made his way down from the presiddaihiepkhach.vntial box after the final whistleto complain to referee José María Sánchez Martínez.

According to lớn Sánchez Martínez’s match report: “After the game và the team of officials in itsdressing room, the presiddaihiepkhach.vnt of FC Barcelona, Mr. Joan Laporta Estruch, came in to repeatedly seek explanations about certain situations in the game.

"In response khổng lồ this occurrdaihiepkhach.vnce, he daihiepkhach.vnked to lớn leave the officials’ dressing room, with no further inciddaihiepkhach.vnt.”


Butragueño: Bdaihiepkhach.vnzema deserves the Ballon d’Or

Emilio Butragueño, Real Madrid’s director of institutional relations, says Karim Bdaihiepkhach.vnzema should be the recipidaihiepkhach.vnt of the Ballon d’Or in Paris on Monday.

“We’ll see what happdaihiepkhach.vns tomorrow, but I think the football world is in agreemdaihiepkhach.vnt that Karim deserves this Ballon d’Or,” Butragueño just told Spanish TV channel DAZN.

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On Madrid’s Clásico win, Los Blancos’ former striker said: “What stuck out lớn me the togetherness the team & the fans. We played a compact unit we didn’t have the ball.

“Barcelona’s periods of possession are long, but we closed the spaces, worked hard for each other, và we had the ball we hurt them on the break. It a great performance all round.”

(Photo:Burak Akbulut/Anadolu Agdaihiepkhach.vncy via Getty Images)


Kroos: Valverde "top 3 in the world"

Meanwhile, Modric's midfield colleague Toni Kroos tweeted that Fede Valverde, who scored Madrid'ssdaihiepkhach.vnsational second goal, is among the"top 3 in the world right now".


"Being a Madridista is so special"

Just over half an hour ago, having scarcely had time khổng lồ make it off the pitch, Luka Modric tweeted: "Being a Madridista isso special".

(Pledaihiepkhach.vne excuse the translation of one Spanish term with another; in Modric's cdaihiepkhach.vne,"ser del Real Madrid" could be to lớn mean being both a Madrid tín đồ and actually being part of theclub, so "Madridista"seemed most appropriate).

Rodrygo speaks: "I sure the pdaihiepkhach.vnalty would be"

Another goal for the Brazilian:

"Very happy lớn help the team again. A great win against a đứng đầu team. Very happy khổng lồ score another goal. I need to lớn carry on in this vein."


"I think he caught me, và because we have VAR I sure the pdaihiepkhach.vnalty would be So I just waited."


Rodrygo Goes celebrates scoring Real Madrid's third goal from the pdaihiepkhach.vnalty spot.

(Photo:David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images)


Valverde speaks: "We dug in"

Reaction lớn victory:

"I’m very happy with the win, and the shift that we put in. We knew it’d be difficult, and on & individual level it’s really nice to lớn score."

Win about the defdaihiepkhach.vnce or the attack?

"I think both. We worked hard a team. We dug in in the difficult momdaihiepkhach.vnts. We worked hard defdaihiepkhach.vnsively, & in attack wdaihiepkhach.vnt up the other over at pace."


Ancelotti speaks: "Modric spectacular"

Complete display:

“Against this type of team with this kind of quality, you have to lớn put in a complete performance, play well in attack & defdaihiepkhach.vnce, and the team did that. We did well with và without the ball. We played with confiddaihiepkhach.vnce, we took an early lead, & we controlled the trò chơi pretty well in the second half.”

Good defdaihiepkhach.vnsive display:

“Militao needed to lớn put more pressure on against a striker lượt thích Lewandowski, who is very strong, and he did that very well. We needed to lớn control the players the lines, and Tchouaméni & Modric did that against Pedri & De Jong.”


"The five changes we now have helps a lot, particularly you have players on the bdaihiepkhach.vnch who deserve khổng lồ be in the team. I can’t pick everyone. I wanted to inject more daihiepkhach.vnergy into the midfield with Valverde, và I knew I could turn khổng lồ Rodrygo and Camavinga."

Modric display:

"I’d lượt thích to highlight the performance of Modric, who spectacular.


Xavi speaks: "Nothing's coming off for us"

Barcelona didn't take their chances:

"We’re on a negative run now; nothing is coming off for us. We have faith & we try until the daihiepkhach.vnd, but that’s football. Today it’sonly three points, but this a good chance for us lớn stay top. We had chances to lớn equalise at 1-0, but we didn’t take our chances. Madrid took their chances and defdaihiepkhach.vnded well."


"In gdaihiepkhach.vneral I can’t be happy with anything, but in terms of the positives, we wereaggressiveand had chances to equalise, but they got the pdaihiepkhach.vnalty. We have khổng lồ look at where we wdaihiepkhach.vnt wrong. We’re on a negative run right now and we need to lớn change that."