The internet is a wonderful invention. You can use it khổng lồ learn about everything & everything. Having said that, there are some pictures and things you should never see or hear. You won"t ever want to lớn use the mạng internet again because so many of these are revolting và nauseating. 

They should not appear in your Google search history either. Some of the disturbing information you have been researching shouldn"t be shared with your girlfriend.

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Here are the 10 things you should never Google if you don’t want your day ruined:

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1. Mr Hands

Although the results of this Google search don"t seem particularly bizarre, you will be appalled by them. 

Kenneth Pinyan, a former Boeing engineer, went by the nickname Mr Hands. Pinyan repeatedly recorded himself having sex with a horse while using the alias Mr Hands. It gets even darker after you"ve recovered from that awful revelation. After a certain sexual encounter when a stallion went too far, Pinyana ultimately succumbed to terrible injuries.

One of the earliest internet-wide popular videos was the one showing Pinyana having sex with an animal. With a group of like-minded individuals getting together và documenting their sexual encounters with animals, he wasn"t the only one with this terrible fetish. 

A documentary on Pinyana & individuals associated with his bestiality club called Zoo was released in 2017 to much acclaim và was honoured at the Cannes Film Festival.

2. Tub Girl

Another well-known image that appeared on was Tub Girl. 

This was one of the many shocking websites that debuted online in the 1990s và featured a variety of unsettling visuals. Tub Girl is an illustration of a Japanese woman sitting naked in a tub while an orange liquid spurts out of her butt and onto her face. 

Sounds fun, right? Okay, I"ll stop talking about that now.

3. Lemon Party

Your search engine earlier directed you to a website with the same name after searching "lemon party." An image of three senior men enjoying a threesome was hosted on that website. 

It evolved into a typical bait-and-click hoax where was misrepresented. People were then directed to the picture of the elderly men when they clicked on it.

4. Two Girls, One Cup

This đoạn clip feels lượt thích it is from another era. Considering that the video was first published on January 6, 2007, it may be outdated in terms of internet time. 

However, it still scars those who are foolish enough to Google it all over the world. Please take our word for it và don’t be a part of this group. Unless of course, you truly want to witness two ladies performing abhorrent acts with vomit & faeces. You’ve been warned.

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5. Eel Girl


Eel Girl is the name of a clip that first emerged online in the early 2000s. In the contested video, a woman used a funnel to push an eel up the rectus of another woman. 

She ‘consumes’ the eel once it escapes. The short film Eel Girl, about a scientist who becomes fixated on the half-eel, half-human creatures was inspired by this viral video.

6. Goatse

You will be plagued by the image that you won’t be able khổng lồ delete from your mind forever, if you search the word ‘Goatse’. Here is a description of the image in the least horrible manner imaginable: the image shows a man opening his rectum with both hands so you can see inside.

Hundreds of memes have been created based on the image, which was first shared online under the filename happy.jpg. Additionally, any time you see a circle with two hands, chances are, it refers to goatse.

7. Mouth Larva

What you will discover if you Google "mouth larva" is obvious. The larvae of specific dipteran flies are what produce this unpleasant condition known as oral myiasis. It typically occurs in underdeveloped nations and is easily treatable. Don"t Google these terms, however, unless you want to see actual maggots writhing around in someone"s mouth.

8. Four Girls Finger Painting

Believe it or not but ‘Two Girls One Cup’ may have an equally disturbing sequel. Even though this clip isn’t created by the same “artists”, the concept remains pretty much the same. 

Four Girls Finger Painting shows four ladies painting themselves and one another with their own faeces. Not revolted yet? Not to lớn worry! In the end, they manage lớn sneak some good old vomit in there as well.

9. Kids in a Sandbox

Yet another innocent-sounding phrase, yet another mistake on your part if you decided to look it up on Google. Having absolutely nothing to do with the keywords, the clip which shows up when you search for ‘Kids in a Sandbox’ has a lady beginning by making a man feel good with her hand. So far, everything hasn"t been too horrible, right? But then things start lớn go south. 

A sizable vibrator is pulled out by the woman and is aggressively inserted into the man"s penis. Aren"t you relieved that you only had to lớn read the words và didn"t actually have to search the mạng internet to see this imagery?

10. Your Own Symptoms

Yes, regardless of how disgusting và terrible the rest of the menu may be, nothing compares lớn making a quick Google search about any possible health-related symptoms you may be going through. Have a headache? The internet doctors will somehow relate that to lớn a brain tumour. 

Your neck feels itchy? It’s probably cancer or some other kind of fatal disease if the internet diagnosis is khổng lồ be taken seriously.

Always, ALWAYS go khổng lồ the doctor & get your symptoms checked out if you are too worried about it. Googling them should be the last thing on your mind.