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I am entering the correct password but keep receiving an “Incorrect user ID or password. Type the correct user ID & password, & try again” error message. Why is this happening?
Why am I receiving the errors “Incorrect user ID or password" or "Account Locked" when Logging into LoboMail or a computer?

Sometimes I get error messages saying my user name or password are incorrect or that my tài khoản is locked out (even though my password is good). What causes this & is there anything I can vì chưng about it?

Under some circumstances, you may receive incorrect password messages (despite entering the correct username và password) if your tài khoản is in a “locked” state. You may still be able to lớn log into some services, but for others, you may receive messages like:

Incorrect user ID or password. Type the correct user ID and password, & try again

The referenced tài khoản is currently locked out and may not be logged on toIf you are certain you are entering the correct password but still receiving these messages, vày NOT RESET YOUR PASSWORD as this can exacerbate the issue. When you reset your password, your tài khoản is not unlocked automatically, so your new password will not work either.

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What can I vày if my trương mục is locked?

If you experience the symptoms of an trương mục lockout, take one of the following courses of kích hoạt (only reset your password as a last resort):

Request that your AD trương mục be manually unlocked by contacting your department IT staff or by calling 505-277-5757 (if you are a managed workstation customer). This is a temporary fix và the additional options below should also be pursued.Check the Wifi network settings on all of your devices (iPhone, iPad, apk device, laptop, etc.) and ensure that you are connecting lớn Lobo-Wifi with the correct username and password. If not, either update your credentials on your device or turn off Wifi.

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Check applications on your computer or device và ensure none of them are using an incorrect password. There may be notifications on your device to point you in the right direction. You can also remove old credentials in Control Panel -> Credential Manager (Windows) or Utilities -> Keychain Access (macOS). As a last resort, disconnect your device from the network to see if that clears up the lockout issue.Submit a request by calling 505-277-5757 và let us know the following – IT will adjust your account settings khổng lồ prevent lockouts going forward.Your NetIDWhat thư điện tử client(s) và versions you use & on what devices (example: Outlook năm nhâm thìn on Mac, Outlook 2019 on Windows, Mail tiện ích on iOS, Outlook phầm mềm on Android, Samsung email app on Android, etc.)

What causes lockouts?

Lockouts are typically caused by one of the following:

“Password spray” attacks against your account.A malicious user attempts lớn login with your username multiple times but with varying (incorrect) passwords.If this type of attack is detected, your trương mục is locked automatically to lớn reduce the risk of a compromise.Old passwords stored on devices (usually Wifi related).Your password changed at some point but was not updated in the Wifi settings on one (or more) of your sản phẩm điện thoại devices.When this occurs, your device may try lớn repeatedly connect lớn our Wifi network with your username và an incorrect (old) password, which results in your trương mục being locked to minimize risk to lớn theUniversity (this behavior looks lượt thích an “attack”).Old passwords cached in applications (apps) on your computer.Your password changed at some point but was not updated in an application (Outlook, MS Teams, Mail, etc.) on your device or computer.When this occurs, the application may try to repeatedly authenticate using your username & an incorrect (old) password, which results in your trương mục being locked to minimize risk to lớn the University (this behavior looks lượt thích an “attack”).
For further assistance, please submit a ticket or liên hệ Information Technologies Customer tư vấn Services (IT CSS) by calling (505) 277-5757.