It’s a simple dish of cooked tofu and softened tomatoes (dau hu sot ca chua ) that are which is seasoned with fish sauce. It is rapidly simmered, then garnished with scallions sliced & served with hot , fluffy rice.

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It was a meal I loved often as a kid which my grandma and mom were able to whip up in about just half an hour. If you could purchase pre-fried tofu it’s possible lớn reduce that time by half!

My Vietnamese Fried Tofu with Tomato Sauce

What exactly is Dau Sot Ca Chua?

Dau sot ca chua is an extremely popular comfort foods that you can cook at trang chủ and is one of my đứng đầu food items to lớn eat in comfort! The version I ate occasionally was tofu stuffed by ground pork as well.

As a kid , I used lớn eat the meatless version found on this site a lot và never thought about the effort my parents or grandma did lớn make this (I find it more enjoyable now).

Our family was fortunate to lớn have delicious meals made for them each day of the week. Food was very important because it was what made our household (now in a variety of homes) together.


After a couple of years, the uncle of mine had moved out and returned, he asked grandmother for this recipe. He had not heard of it! Even a simple dish such as this can be inaccessible until you understand what goes in making it.


Let’s get going!

The tofu that is deep-fried và fried


I lượt thích using tofu that is firm for this recipe as silky ones are very fragile to lớn handle for this recipe. I also make an effort to lớn purchase organic tofu as often as I can!

Slice the Tofu

Break into pieces, & dried on paper towels, or in a basket on the sink for 20-30 mins. It is important to get rid of any excess water from tofu*. The substance is literally packed with water & has a high water content.

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The tofu should be pressed lớn release any moisture

The removal of the water from this point will help lớn avoid splashing oil while frying.

Cut the tofu, again in smaller pieces so that there’s more space lớn create that more fatty fried tofu skin.

Tofu can be deep fried


I cooked these using vegetable oils (any neutral oil can be used) The temperature was kept in the 300 F (148 C) using my thermometer from Polder. It should be at 300 F before adding any tofu.

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It’s recommended to lớn cook them for approximately 2-4 minutes khổng lồ turn brown. Just like everyone else in the hot tub, they will tend to lớn get clumped together và stick khổng lồ each other, therefore, you should you may have khổng lồ move them around when you địa chỉ cửa hàng them lớn the pot.


We’re trying khổng lồ create a beautiful crispy, crisp skin for the tofu so that it doesn’t burn. When it reaches this golden brown, remove them onto a towel khổng lồ soak up any extra oil.

The tomatoes

I used bright red roma tomatoes as they’re perfect to lớn make this dish. The riper they’re the more sweeter và tomato-like they’ll taste. My favorite is to use my home-grown tomatoes that are grown in the pots because they’re fresh, sweet, và delicious.


Slice each tomato in four or eight equally sized pieces so that they’re bite-sized. It helps them cook down in the pot faster.

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Time to lớn cook!


Put everything in the pot including tomatoes, tofu, sugar, salt tofu paste, tomato water as well as seafood sauce (yess the fish sauce is ubiquitous in Vietnamese food!). Cover the pot with a lid và bring the mixture to lớn a boil over high heat. Then reduce the heat to lớn 30 percent until the tomatoes have cooked. Around 10 minutes total.


Taste and then reseason

I prefer to lớn season my recipes to allow enough room for adjustment when the dish is finished. It is still necessary to lớn season in the cooking process because it is absorbed into the sauce, as well as the tofu. So the aim is to get it approximately 80% of way lớn the point of being.

After the tomatoes have softened after which the tomato liquid cooked lớn a temperature you’d like, you can taste the sauce.

If it’s not more tomato-like than you’d like, it’s moment to showroom tomato paste. You can determine if it requires more salt, or some fish sauce also. If it’s not as delicious as you’d lượt thích you’d like, you can add 1/4 cup of water, và refresh with everything.

It is also possible khổng lồ stuff it with meat prior to adding it lớn the pot. Find my recipes to make Tofu stuffed with pork! No matter if you go vegetarian or otherwise, it dish is perfectly with fluffy white rice served on the side. This is how you prepare the rice by microwave as well as in a rice cooker & get excellent outcomes.