Innisfree is the first Korean natural brand. Their products are based on natural ingredients from Jeju island. I won"t go into details, buy you can read more about their brand here. I"ve heard that their skin care products are really popular. This foundation got me interested because of the smaller size version and perfect cover claim. It"s hard lớn buy foundation online since you don"t really get to kiểm tra it out or even see if the shade fits you. That"s why I like that it comes in smaller form size and of course with smaller price as well.

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Innisfree describes this foundation as a high coverage foundation formulated lớn conceal skin imperfections while leaving the skin with a dewy finish. It also contains Jeju mineral powder và green tea which help skin look healthy & alive.
It comes in a kích thước of 15 ml and I bought it on Jolse (here) for 6.70$. You can also get it directly from their site here. Innisfree intentionally made it in the smaller version, because it means you can chạy thử it out và see if you like it without buying a huge kích thước and then throwing it away.
It comes in a paper box. The packaging of foundation is a plastic squeeze tube, which I really like. It"s practical và because of the kích thước it"s also perfect lớn carry around with you.

The nozzle has a very small hole và it"s easy to control the amount. You can squeeze out tinniest amount possible. I love this system a lot.

Shade 13 Light Beige is actually the lightest shade in my foundation collection as well as in their range. It"s definitely warm toned, but it"s more of a peachy tone rather than yellow. I guess a bit of a mix, but definitely more peach toned. When I blend it into the skin it looks fine & I don"t see it being as peach as it looks swatched. It matches my skin tone perfectly.

I applied it under my neck where I am really light right now & you almost don"t see a difference between foundation & my natural skin. It"s maybe a tiny bit darker. Peach undertone also works fine with my pale skin right now. On the left side I applied foundation and on the right side it"s my bare skin.

Consistency is a bit thicker, but it blends into the skin. Sometimes I feel like it"s best if you don"t have a lot of moisturizer underneath or it creates a barrier on top và doesn"t seem to lớn blend into the skin as much. If you apply it in thin layer it"s a very light lớn medium coverage, otherwise I would say that it"s lighter medium coverage. It evens out skin tone, but doesn"t hide red patches or under eye darkness.

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This will almost accentuate pores if you have problems with them and it will also stick to dry patches và make them even more visible.
It looks very obvious in the beginning, but it blends in with your natural sebum through the day and it actually looks better than at the beginning, although it"s still very noticeable foundation. It stays slightly sticky to the touch, so I always powder it. Even with translucent powder it still gives you a kind of satin or dewy finish. The skin is not matte và also not completely dewy, but it has a very soft sheen lớn the skin. Even if I apply thin layer of powder I can still see the sheen through it. It looks very natural và healthy in the finish, but a bit obvious because of the consistency of it.
On the left side is my skin with just moisturizer và on the right side is with Innisfree foundation.
I compared it khổng lồ two of my favorite foundations. Innisfree Perfect Cover in 13 Light Beige is a very light peach toned shade that is actually the lightest of them all. Bourjois Healthy mix Foundation in 51 Light Vanilla is the yellowest or rather the most orange of them all. It"s also the darkest shade & the warmest. Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily Skin Foundation in 150 Buff is a yellow based shade & it"s a bit darker than Innisfree. It might not look darker on the photo, but it oxidizes on the skin after a while. Innisfree almost looks lượt thích a phối of Bourjois và Revlon as far as the shade undertone goes. You definitely see it as warm, so yellow toned, but it also has a prevalent peach tone to lớn it.
It has an interesting scent, which I can"t decide if it"s floral or herb or mint based. I feel like it"s a bit of everything. Nothing offensive & you only really smell it once you"re applying it.
It doesn"t oxidize or turn darker with wear. It"s definitely not long lasting, because it"s fairy light foundation which means it will come off through the day. I don"t check it through the day, but it definitely fades. It might also go a bit into fine lines or get cakey on dry or rough parts of your face. Definitely not the best natural looking foundation.
I think the name is misleading và you shouldn"t count on this foundation giving you the best coverage ever, because it doesn"t. I would describe it as for someone with fair skin tone that wants foundation khổng lồ be luminous or kind of dewy & has a lighter medium coverage. I don"t think this is appropriate for oily skin, those with enlarged pores or mature skins. It"s a natural brand which should be taken into consideration if you"re on a tìm kiếm for a "healthier" foundation và it"s not all that bad. I mostly love it because of the fair shade and the luminous sheen, which I"ve embraced this spring. My only wish would be that it would look a bit less obvious on the skin & wouldn"t gather in fine liner. Coverage doesn"t bother me at all, I quite like it to be lighter for spring.

This sounds so much lượt thích what I'd say about the Missha Fitting Wear Foundation in 13, which didn't quite work for me. Except that that one is very liquidy. The colors seem so similar too (not like Missha 13 BB Creams at all, way warmer, darker).Next I might try the lightest shade of NYX Matte but not flat Foundation for a light và yellow color, maybe it won't look as patchy..

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