Learn how to lớn create a YouTube channel & use it to lớn market your brand or business in this không tính tiền online course.

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YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, with more than 2 billion users. Leverage this powerful clip platform by enrolling in this không lấy phí online How to Make a YouTube Channel for Beginners course. The step-by-step process includes everything from the initial creation, khổng lồ recommended equipment and software, how lớn upload videos on YouTube Studio, design và upload YouTube channel art, optimize your channel, & monetize content.

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Online sale is a critical part of the overall sale plan and in modern times, YouTube should form a part of it. This course will teach you how to lớn build a branded YouTube channel for marketing your business và will take you through the initial cài đặt process where you will sign up for a YouTube account & create a channel after exploring terms, guidelines và policies to lớn ensure that you operate within approved regulations. Customizing your YouTube channel can help your audience have a quality experience and you will learn all about how to lớn create an attractive, professional homepage. YouTube studio is the backend of the platform & the next chapter explores how it works, how khổng lồ set up your channel keywords, location, đoạn clip watermark, & manage your YouTube account through the advanced settings section. This will give you an understanding of how to lớn utilize certain features to links Google google adwords for promotions and showroom Google Analytics to lớn enable you lớn track & analyze your channel traffic. Once your tài khoản is properly mix up, the course will guide you through some of the available options for equipment và software to get you started with the creation & editing of videos.

Do you know that having a low-quality đoạn phim can turn people away from engaging with your content? Having said that, how do you ensure your video content is of standard quality? This YouTube course will explore software that can be utilized for the purpose of presentation, recording và editing lớn achieve a standard đoạn phim quality. Other equipment that adds to your video chất lượng such as microphones, cameras, studio lighting & props will be explored. When you want to vị a tutorial on your YouTube channel, what type of clip recording comes to lớn your mind? Screencast video clip or “talking head” video? This YouTube course will teach you all these đoạn phim types, when to lớn use them, which elements are necessary lớn create them & how they can effectively be combined khổng lồ suit your message and/or audience. A channel trailer can be a very powerful tool to turn your visitors into subscribers & you will learn all the tips & tricks to create one including a call-to-action clip outro. Now that you are done with your video clip editing, it"s time khổng lồ make it go live by uploading it to lớn your channel. This course goes on to show you how khổng lồ upload videos properly by using recommended settings for titles, descriptions and tags khổng lồ keep the channel organized so that your content is easy for your target audience & customers to find. You will learn how khổng lồ grow your channel with various clip marketing methods to help you generate more clients, leads và sales. 

This YouTube sale course is structured lớn reinforce learned material with well-crafted questions spread throughout its duration và a course assessment at the over of the course. This course is aimed at beginners who are interested in creating great YouTube nội dung and an authentic, user-friendly channel. In order lớn enrol for this course, all you need is a computer, mạng internet connection, passion & enthusiasm!

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Learning Outcomes

By the kết thúc of this course, you will be able to:

Explain how to lớn sign up for YouTube và set up a channelDiscuss the equipment types and software used for video creationAnalyze đoạn clip types, goals and formatsDescribe how lớn upload your videos using YouTube studioOutline how khổng lồ design & upload your YouTube channel art including banners & profile imagesRecall how khổng lồ optimize your videos, playlists and channelRecognize how khổng lồ grow, market & monetize your channel


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