There is no doubt that Blake Shelton và Gwen Stefani are one of Hollywood"s most buzzed-about couples. So what happens when one of the highest-paid country stars is engaged to one of the most famous pop goddesses in the world? Well, for one, the songbirds enjoy the best possessions và experiences money can buy.

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Although they came from different worlds, the country crooner and edgy rocker met on the set of "The Voice" in 2014, endured highly publicized divorces, & have been inseparable ever since they began dating in 2015. "Blake saved my life. ... We are just having the time of our lives," Stefani told Entertainment Tonight. And their life is quite a glamorous one with mansions across the country, designer clothes và jewelry, & invites lớn exclusive parties.

With chart-topping albums, the pair has benefited financially from their individual careers. Now, the power couple is growing their combined worth by recording duets together. "I want to vày everything with Blake," Stefani told Access, & that partnership is adding khổng lồ their bank accounts. Coupled with the money they earn from sides hustles, life is good in the Stefani-Shelton household. Here"s a look into the glamorous union of these musical superstars.

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When it was time khổng lồ go public with their relationship, the couple did it style. In February of 2016, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani used Vanity Fair"s Oscar party in Beverly Hills to lớn tell the world they were a hot new thắng lợi (via E! News).

As for their sartorial choices, the diva turned heads in a sheer floral gown by Yanina Couture và a Jimmy Choo clutch, và her partner paired jeans with a black blazer và signature cowboy boots. Vanity Fair even posted a photo of the couple on their Instagram handle, with the caption, "
gwenstefani at the #VFOscarParty, and who can blame him?"

"They acted like giddy teenagers at a high school dance," a guest told People. "They were holding hands the whole night và didn"t leave each other"s sides. I don"t think either of them stopped smiling the entire time they were there." It was at that afterparty where Stefani belted out a medley of her greatest hits lượt thích "Hollaback Girl" và "Used to Love You," which is reportedly about her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale of band Bush fame.

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In October of 2020, after five years of dating Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton got down on one knee in his native Oklahoma to lớn pop the question. The country music star did so with an eight to 10-carat massive sparkler that cost anywhere from $500,000 lớn $800,000 (via Delish). As to lớn be expected, his new fiancée wasted no time in proudly posting her rock on Instagram. At the People"s Choice Awards, Gwen Stefani debuted her engagement ring on her Instagram story (via Access Hollywood). Và in early December of 2020, Stefani wore the ring on "The Voice," the show where she met her future husband. It was the first time she had it on during the reality show"s taping.

As for the proposal, Shelton wanted lớn keep it traditional. A source told Us Weekly, "Blake had the ring custom-designed, and asked permission from her dad before asking Gwen," noting, "It meant so much to Gwen that Blake was so traditional about it." People reported that Shelton also ran the impending proposal by Stefani"s three sons from her marriage khổng lồ Gavin Rossdale, Kingston, Zuma, & Apollo.

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Although they"re both veterans of the music industry, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani actually met on "The Voice" in 2014, where they both were coaches for the reality show"s contestants. "I did not know him, but you get to know him on the mix because he"s so funny và he"s so lovely," Stefani said on "The Howard Stern Show." 

At that time, they were both married khổng lồ other musicians — Shelton to lớn country singer Miranda Lambert (here"s what really happened between Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert) & Stefani to lớn rocker Gavin Rossdale. That fact didn"t stop Stefani from posting an Instagram selfie of her & Shelton soon after they met, with a heart emoji followed by the word "him." In the summer of 2015, both filed for divorce one month apart — Shelton in July and Stefani in August. Stefani told Howard Stern that it was "unbelievable that God would put us in a position khổng lồ have each other at that moment, in the same exact moment."

For their work on the competition show, the talented pair make a pretty penny. Each reportedly earn over $13 million per season, according to lớn StyleCaster.

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In May of 2020, Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani purchased a home together and moved into the not-so-humble abode with the songstress" three sons during the COVID-19 pandemic. Located in Encino, Calif., it cost a staggering $13 million. The 13,000-square-foot mansion that sits on a gated 1.6-acre lot, boasts a home theater, four-car garage, and a pool with a spa làm đẹp and nearby wet bar (via Daily Mail). Another perk of the luxury property is that, although it"s secluded, it"s close khổng lồ the city và is only a 20-minute drive to "The Voice" (via Country Fancast). 

"They are very happy khổng lồ be settled at last in their family home," a source told Us Weekly. "Gwen wanted khổng lồ be moved in for the start of the school year, even though the kids are doing school at trang chủ because of COVID-19."

Even before they got together, the musical duo was used to living lavishly. Shelton sold the Tennessee home he lived in with his ex-wife Miranda Lambert for $2.25 million, and Stefani gave up the mansion in Beverly Hills she owned while married lớn Gavin Rossdale for $21 million (via The Sun).

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Besides the chunk of change they make from their successful music careers, Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani also pay the bills with money from other ventures. To showroom to their flowing revenue stream, they ink giao dịch in other industries. 

For one, Gwen Stefani, who"s had many changing looks over the years, has made quite a name for herself in the fashion industry. With her clothing and eyewear lines, the fashionista has racked up $1 billion in retail sales lớn date. Her unique creations are found in places like Sephora and Target. The "Just a Girl" singer is living every girl"s fantasy with access to lớn the hottest trends at all times. "I"m really spoiled because instead of having to lớn go shopping, I get lớn fill my closet with my designs," the singer-turned-designer told People. 

As for Shelton, when he"s not in the recording studio, he"s running Ole Red, a restaurant chain with locations in Oklahoma, Florida, & Tennessee. The country singer spent $9 million lớn renovate one of its locations, complete with a two-story bar and restaurant, performance space, dance floor, and outside terrace (via Knox News). He"s also a partner in the vodka company Smithworks, which expanded nationwide in 2020. 

The dynamic duo has taken trang chủ the highest honors in the music industry. Blake Shelton literally made history as being the first country music artist to lớn reach No. 1 on the Billboard Artist 100 in năm trước (via Rolling Stone). & in 2016, he celebrated another milestone of having earned a combined $10 million in sales. As for awards, he"s collected multiple CMA, ACM, AMA, và People"s Choice awards. In his acceptance speech for his 2020 People"s Choice Award, he thanked his better half, mentioning her by name & saying, "Thanks for my inspiration."

In 2016, Gwen Stefani hit her own career record when her album "This Is What the Truth Feels Like" reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. With this achievement, she became one of only five women khổng lồ have a chart-topping album as a member of a band and also as a solo artist (via Forbes). The songstress has sold more than 50 million units worldwide và has won three Grammy awards for her work. Besides those incredible feats, she also has MTV đoạn clip Music Awards, Billboard Awards, an American Music Award, and a Brit Award in her trophy collection.

When they decided to take the next step in their relationship và cohabitate, the happy couple shacked up together at Blake Shelton"s Oklahoma ranch. The singer spent part of the coronavirus quarantine there with Gwen Stefani and her three sons. The house sits on 1,300 acres that are complete with ponds as well as a barn for horses (via Hello! magazine). They"re surrounded by nature và animals, as evidenced when Shelton made an appearance from his trang chủ on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

The sprawling residence is actually Hawaiian-themed, with palm trees, a swimming pool, and swim-up tiki bar on the property. The balcony in the couple"s bedroom overlooks Lake Texoma, the largest lake in the state (via Country Fancast). It"s so impressive that Shelton filmed the music clip for the tuy vậy "Hell Right" on its grounds. 

As for Stefani"s brood who are used khổng lồ living in California, their new digs have put them in touch with nature. "It"s been a lot of fun for me khổng lồ be the one to get to expose them khổng lồ this — out in the country," Shelton told Entertainment Tonight. "They love it so much."

Being that they"re huge names in the music industry, Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani spend time socializing with other famous musicians. Besides their costars on "The Voice" — lượt thích Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Carson Daly — the two surround themselves with equally talented people. The year they started dating, the pair attended two exclusive Halloween bashes — one hosted by Jared Leto và the other thrown by George Clooney — with stars like Leonardo DiCaprio on the guest list (via Entertainment Tonight).

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As one of the most-talked about Hollywood couples, they get invited to star-studded soirees such as Vanity Fair"s Oscar party, with famous duos like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. The adorable pair also attend high-profile shindigs like Clive Davis" pre-Grammys party, which was a who"s who of celebrity couples including Legend and Chrissy Teigen & Russell Wilson và Ciara. At the 2020 Grammys, Shelton named-dropped a roster of famous names in music on Instagram. "I got a high five from Smokey Robinson, I got a hug from Shania Twain, I got a hug from Tanya Tucker, I got a butt grab from Keith Urban," he said (via Country Living).

The couple spares no expense when it comes lớn gift giving & are known to lớn surprise one another with extravagant presents. For Blake Shelton"s 42nd birthday, Gwen Stefani actually installed a flag pole at his home! The birthday boy also was gifted a massive birthday cake in the shape of a vodka bottle from Smithworks Vodka, the brand in which he is a partner (via People). For his 44th birthday, Blake Shelton"s thoughtful fiancée went all out, gifting her groom-to-be with an over-the-top tractor cake with replicas of the two of them in fondant perched on đứng đầu on the decadent creation.

For her birthday in 2017, Shelton gave his lady love a Cartier đá quí necklace reportedly worth over $60,000 (via Celebrity Insider). & when she turned 51, he presented her with another đá quí stunner — a "5" necklace lớn represent their five years together (via CheatSheet). When they celebrated Valentine"s Day together in 2020, a very smitten Shelton sent his newfound love several dozen red roses shaped in a heart. An impressed Stefani took to Instagram lớn gush about the thắm thiết gesture (via Taste of Country), saying, "They"re absolutely ridiculously beautiful."

The COVID-19 pandemic dashed many couples" plans for their weddings, but Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani refused to lớn let anything stop them. As People reported at the time, the happy couple tied the knot on July 3, 2021, in a makeshift backyard chapel on their own land at Shelton"s Oklahoma ranch with just 40 guests in attendance. A source noted, "They didn"t want a circus. In the end, they just wanted to lớn have this moment with their loved ones." However, the details were suitably stunning regardless. Their cake was an ornately decorated, five-tier concoction & was topped with the traditional bride and groom.

Stefani wore two dresses, both by Vera Wang. The first was a stunning, deep-necked, silk và tulle creation while the second was a strapless minidress, which the No Doubt star naturally rocked with matching stiletto cowboy boots. Brides estimated her first dress cost around $10,000, with the second setting Stefani back around $5,000. Her personalized veil, meanwhile, reportedly cost an additional $5,000. The reception eventually moved to lớn Shelton"s second home, on the shore of Lake Texoma in Kingston, culminating with spectacular fireworks.

As a married couple, Blake Shelton và Gwen Stefani"s combined net worth is a staggering $250 million. According khổng lồ Us Weekly, they devised a prenuptial agreement lớn protect their assets before getting married. A source told Us in November 2020, "They have been in prenup talks for a few months. The process has been extremely effortless."

Blake Shelton alone is worth $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. As one of the most successful country acts in the world, he"s released more than 10 albums with dozens of songs reaching Billboard"s Hot 100. Besides selling more than 10 million albums and 35 million singles, he reportedly earns an impressive $1 million per concert. Not lớn mention, he also, of course, takes home millions per season with his gig on "The Voice"! 

As for his equally successful partner, Gwen Stefani, the songstress-turned-entrepreneur is worth $150 million. With a resume that includes being a member of the successful band No Doubt (here"s why No Doubt split up), a solo career, fashion labels, & her job on the "The Voice," it comes as no surprise that she is rolling in dough.

Blake Shelton was honored by People magazine as its Sexiest Man Alive in 2017. When the reserved country star heard about the title, he was skeptical at first, joking that the publication had run out of celebrities. That"s when his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, intervened. "She goes, "Listen lớn me, you"re going to lớn regret this for the rest of your life if you don"t take this gift & just live in the moment,"" Shelton told People. His other half has also graced coveted covers of magazines. Notably she was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone in 2005 và another time before that with her band No Doubt in 1997. 

Their A-list life và star power generates a buzz, and the truyền thông media takes great interest in the couple. In an interview with Access, Stefani detailed the gossip that has swirled about the highly profiled courtship, including pregnancy & split rumors. "We talked about doing some wallpaper out of all of the covers that we have been so blessed khổng lồ be put on through the years," she said. That"s the price they have to lớn pay for fame!

The blonde-haired beauty has her own team lớn help her achieve her signature sleek, yet edgy look. For part of her beauty regime, Gwen Stefani calls upon celebrity makeup artist Gregory Arlt, who told Billboard he aims khổng lồ "celebrate her femininity and make her look lượt thích she was glowing from within." The talented artist also applies lipstick và foundation khổng lồ the faces of Angelina Jolie and Dita von Tease (via E! News). Và to maintain her svelte figure, Stefani has her own personal trainer to the stars, Gunnar Peterson, who also coaches Khloé Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez (via Life & Style), and athletes from the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and USTA.

As for hired help, it was reported that Stefani"s ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, cheated on her with their nanny, Mindy Mann (via E! News). After news of the scandal broke & the babysitter was fired, Stefani hired a new assistant (via Radar Online). 

Blake Shelton also employees many people, especially to staff his Ole Red franchise. When his venues were forced lớn shutter due to lớn the COVID-19 pandemic, he went on record stating that he would continue to pay his team.

The celebrity couple goes khổng lồ great lengths to prove their unwavering devotion to lớn one another. In one of her most publicized, over-the-top public displays of affection, Gwen Stefani actually got a pair of sneakers custom made with Blake Shelton"s face on them! People reported on the black-and-white checkerboard Vans with Shelton"s mug emblazoned on the front as the couple walked hand in hand in Beverly Hills. 

Stefani proudly showed off the elaborate shoes she designed herself on social media. On her Instagram Story, she posted a snap of her feet lounging in the sneakers with Shelton in his cowboy boots right beside her (via People). Now that"s what we call a show of commitment khổng lồ fashion — và each other!

The rock goddess is also known to lớn accessorize with gold "Stefani" & "Shelton" statement necklaces. These personalized pieces have made their debut on Stefani"s neck both on set for "The Voice" and in an Instagram video clip she filmed from home. She also donned the matching chains in a video she posted on Instagram in which she harmonized with her beau to Bob Marley"s classic anthem "One Love."

The songbirds have used their musical talents to record a soundtrack to their love story with lãng mạn ballads that đứng đầu the charts. In May of 2016, Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani released their first joint effort with "Go Ahead & Break My Heart." In an interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the country star admitted that he penned the anthem just to gain the attention of his new love interest. "I only started the tuy nhiên to impress her, to be like, "Hey, I"m writing a song about you,"" he said. After his new leading lady heard the tune, she came in & wrote the second half. This moving duet made the Billboard"s Hot 100.

After that song, they released "Nobody But You" in 2020. Lyrics lượt thích "I don"t want to lớn live without you" showed the intensity of their partnership. It also held a vị trí cao nhất position on Billboard"s Top 100 chart.

During the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, they recorded the chart-topping single "Happy Anywhere" from their Oklahoma trang chủ in sweltering 105-degree heat. The clip was shot by Stefani"s brother & includes clips Stefani filmed of the two on her phone (via Entertainment Tonight).