Now you can login with a different user in email while keeping other gmail sessions active in the same browser. Google has recently added this feature, which allows you lớn sign in lớn multiple tin nhắn accounts simultaneously. Before the introduction of this feature, we had to lớn get creative and use different browsers to monitor more than one tin nhắn inbox at once.

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Indeed, working with multiple gmail accounts in one browser used khổng lồ be a pain in the neck. I have written about signing in with another Gmail account before, when this new functionality didn’t exist yet. Each time you wanted khổng lồ look at another email inbox than the one your were signed in with, you had lớn sign out of that one first before you could get to the other. But not anymore.Today you can simply login with a different user in gmail while keeping the current inbox session active. I’ll walk you through how this works.Before I get khổng lồ the nitty-gritty of things, allow me to state that I recommend using Google Chrome as a browser for working with gmail accounts. Which has little to bởi vì with anything else but (evidently) the fact that your Google services will offer the most reliable experience with Google’s own browser. If you’re not sure how lớn get Google Chrome, please refer khổng lồ my article about installing Google Chrome.

Login With A Different User In tin nhắn - Multiple tin nhắn Accounts

Allright, with that out of the way, let’s get you khổng lồ your tin nhắn account. You can go to the Google tin nhắn sign-in page at: you happened khổng lồ have a previous session still signed in, you will immediately see your tin nhắn inbox & if no previous session was active, you’ll see something lượt thích this:

(If a previous session was still active, you’ll land immediately in your gmail inbox, in which case you can skip the next steps about typing your password).Either type your email address & click next or pick a Gmail account from the list.Next, type the password for your tin nhắn account & click next.

Moving on, if you want khổng lồ login with a different user in email while keeping your current email inbox active, click the circular Google icon at the top-right of your screen & select “Add another account”

Now you may see a screen where Google wants you to địa chỉ a recovery phone number or thư điện tử address to the Google account. Please refer to my article about adding a recovery e-mail address khổng lồ your Google account và adding a phone number lớn your Google tài khoản if you want khổng lồ learn more about this.
Once you’ve confirmed or updated the recovery e-mail or phone number, you’ve completed all the steps khổng lồ login with a different user in Gmail and look at the account’s emails.If you don’t automatically land in the Gmail app of the account, you can always click the Google apps icon with the 9 dots next to the trương mục logo and select gmail from the app list to mở cửa Gmail.

Switching Between Accounts

Now that you did login with a different user in Gmail, let’s see how you can switch between the two.To switch khổng lồ your other Gmail trương mục inbox, click the circle-shaped Google account icon in the top-right corner of your screen and click on the other trương mục (or you can use the “Add another tài khoản button again to xuất hiện yet another account’s mailbox).

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You can work with several tabs in your browser & have multiple email accounts open side by side to lớn keep an overview. (Feel không tính tiền to check my article on working with tabs if you are not familiar with this).
You may have noticed in one-but-last image above how my account 1tipsdc is listed as the default account. That means that, if you mở cửa a new browser tab và go to lớn your email inbox (or for instance Google Drive or any Google service for that matter), it will mở cửa with the mặc định account.So if I mở cửa a new tab in my browser ...
... & go lớn the email inbox, it will show the default account’s inbox by default (1tipsdc in this case).
To switch khổng lồ the other trương mục I can simply use the Google account icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
The default trương mục is always the one that you signed in with first
. So if you wanted to set 2tipsdc as the default account, you’d use the Google trương mục icon and click “Sign out of all accounts”.
Next, you’d make sure lớn sign in with the 2tipsdc account first ... And after that, you could use the steps to lớn login with a different user in gmail again khổng lồ sign in with the next Google account.2tipsdc was now the first account to sign in, so it would be listed as default.


The method described here lớn login with a different user in gmail can help you to keep an overview over multiple mail accounts. You can work with multiple tabs in your browser, one for each mail tài khoản that you want to lớn monitor.I hope this article served you well. If you found it useful, please click the lượt thích button below or leave a short phản hồi in the section below. Thank you :-)

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