Sometimes when you create or move cPanel trương mục from one hệ thống to another or if you change the IP address of the website , you or your clients may experience redirecting to lớn cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi using 301 to mặc định cgi-sys apache as following

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The problem that this redirect kích hoạt can be remembered by your ISP, your OS and by your Browser. And in most cases its took long times few hours or few days , & its need clients browsers cache , to quick fix for the problem you can use .htaccess file by disabling CGI .
In some scenario you change the IP by editing the DNS zone tệp tin for the domain và changing the Nameservers and all A records to lớn the new IP và you still seeing that the domain name is rejecting lớn . The reason that its still using the Old IP address on apache configuration file . Khổng lồ work around the problem and fix it , you have lớn change the IP address from the WHM control panel interface for the that tên miền by selecting the cPanel tài khoản that own the domain, to start fix the problem you need lớn follow the next simple steps.

Login to lớn WHM control panel.Navigate to lớn Home »IP Functions »Change a Site’s IP Address

Then if the domain name Name DNS & Nameserver Already Resolved lớn the New IP , the site should work properly & not redirect to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

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Addon domain name Alias tên miền Apache Centos CloudLinux cPanel cPanel tài khoản cPanel email cPanel PHP Cron Jobs dedicated server DKIM DNS Management DNS Records Domains DV Emails EV Exchange 2010 Exchange hệ thống Extended Validation SSL Firewall FTP htaccess IIS IIS7 IIS 8 Install SSL iptables Linux Linux Administrators Linux Command Linux Restart Service MySQL Parked domain PHP Plesk Softaculous SPF SSH SSL Certificate Sub-Domains VPS server WHM Windows
Each failover IP address will need its own line in the configuration file. The configuration tệp tin is called “50-cloud-init.yaml” and

What is mdadm? The mdadm utility can be used to lớn create and manage storage arrays using Linux’s software RAID capabilities.Administrators

There are several scenarios that you might need to increase or decrease your php maximum upload file using php script